Six Things You Need To Do To Keep Workers In Confined Spaces Safe


It's important to take the appropriate safety precautions if your employees carry out work tasks in confined spaces. Work in confined spaces can entail numerous hazards that you need to anticipate and plan for to maintain a safe facility. Not only should you take safety precautions for the health of your employees, but you may even be required to do so by law. The following are six things you need to do as an employer to keep workers in confined spaces safe:

9 January 2019

How To Handle Common Eye Emergencies


In an instant, something can damage one or both eyes. If the injury isn't addressed promptly and properly, you risk losing all or part of your vision. Here is what to do to protect your vision should one of these common eye injuries occur. 1. Dirt and dust in the eye. Your blink response normally protects your eyes from getting something in them. The tears constantly bathe the eyes and wash small particles from the surface.

7 June 2016

5 Steps To Take If DNA Testing Is Positive For Cancer


If you are thinking about getting DNA testing done for cancer, you will want to know what steps to take should the test result be positive. Taking these steps can help significantly reduce the chance of cancer or at least guarantee that you catch it early should it ever begin to develop. Here are those five steps you should be taking: Consider Hormonal Therapy Medicine: There are plenty of hormonal therapy medicines that are available to those at risk for cancer that help reduce the chances.

25 May 2015